"Do YOU really want this...

Dear Future Internet Millionaire,

You possibly don't realise it but there is very little difference between you and Sir Richard Branson!

His lifestyle has developed in the way it has because he saw an opportunity when he was younger and he decided to take it.

In his case, as a student, he was in need of some money so he decided to sell something he owned, music tapes or something like that.

I wonder what he'd do today if he was going to start all over again?

We should ask him... I'm sure he'd tell us, but I guess he'd do something ONLINE (on the Internet) because he would realise that it is the very best way to contact loads of customers all at the same time!

What would he sell or do this time? He would probably look for something people really wanted and needed. Then he'd provide it for them - simple!

He wouldn't worry about the effort or the time it would take him to get started...

that's what puts OTHER  people off doing it!

That's what makes him stand out in the crowd; Someone who is prepared to put a little bit of effort into discovering a new process based on sound and ethical principles.

Then he would 'go-for-it' before someone else beat him to it!


WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you prepared to change a little if I help you every step of the way?

Are you prepared to learn a few new skills?

Don't worry, I'll help you... all you have to do to get started is to fill out a form with your details (it's simple and it's free) there's no obligation to go any further if you choose.

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